Unexpected Movie Sequels Releasing 2019 – Part II

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47 Meters Down: Uncaged

2017 shark film 47 Meters Down was an unforeseen film industry hit in respect to its financial plan, earning $61.7 million on a simple $5 million sticker price.

Not terrible for a motion picture initially proposed to go directly to-video, and sufficiently noteworthy that a continuation was immediately authorized. Thus, the apathetically titled 47 Meters Down: Uncaged has been immediately cobbled together and shot for discharge later this late spring, with all proof indicating a repetition repeat of an as of now forcefully fair unique film.

Regardless of whether you found the main film tolerably agreeable, would anyone say anyone was truly pining for another go-around? Well-made shark films might be in urgently short supply, however this truly felt like a one-and-done.

Trailer for 47 Meters Down

Would It be able to Be Any Good?: Returning executive Johannes Roberts is a strong movie producer, however tragically a large portion of his movies are undermined by poor contents, so there’s no motivation to expect any extraordinary here.

Hotel Transylvania 4 (Releasing 2021)

With the previous summer’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation posting the greatest film industry returns of the establishment, Sony chose that there was no compelling reason to stop at a set of three, and immediately affirmed a fourth film for a 2021 bow.

Hotel Transylvania logo.svg

Presently, none of the movies in this arrangement have been more than watchable, nonexclusive activitys, however one speculates basic and gathering of people tolerance may begin running out when we get four films profound into the far-fetched arrangement.

Anticipate that it should have a gimmicky reason, score blended negative audits and likely make a huge amount of bank, despite the fact that pretty much everyone who sees it will overlook they did inside a week or something like that.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Would It be able to Be Any Good?: Intensely improbable. Once more, none of these films have been level out terrible, however the arrangement has drifted on an absence of mind and creative energy since the start, so number four shouldn’t veer from the effective equation.

The Croods 2

Remember DreamWorks’ 2013 hit movement The Croods? In spite of featuring Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage and earning a senseless $587.2 million around the world, the family parody went back and forth without a peep.

The Croods 2 (2020)

In any case, DreamWorks has been discreetly seeking after a spin-off from that point onward, and in the wake of being dropped in 2016, the task was revived in late 2017 for a September 2020 discharge.

Be that as it may, is there truly going to be a crowd of people for this film some seven-and-a-half years expelled from the arrival of the long-overlooked unique? Regardless of whether you delighted in The Croods, would you say you were truly pining for a spin-off?

The Croods Trailer

Would It be able to Be Any Good?: It’ll presumably be absolutely forgettable, much the same as the first.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Keep in mind the motion picture dependent on Angry Birds? In reasonableness, the 2016 film wasn’t horrible, it was simply agonizingly fair and came something like a couple of years past the point of no return, long past the point where the portable amusement was still at pinnacle notoriety.


You’d scarcely even realize a continuation was because of discharge in under a half year, and from the as of late discharged first trailer, it would seem that another cruel vivified money snatch.

The primary film wasn’t even a runaway hit – it made a better than average however unremarkable $352.3 million around the world – so past depleting the money making machine again before Angry Birds turns out to be even less pertinent, it’s hard to envision this’ identity for.

The Angry Birds Trailer

Would It be able to Be Any Good?: Extremely suspicious. It most likely won’t be through and through terrible, however – just forcefully dull, conventional and forgettable.

Angel Has Fallen

Hands up on the off chance that you knew a third passage into the questionable “…Has Fallen” arrangement had even been shot. 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen was an unambitious if somewhat “Beyond words in the White House” activity flick, yet the agonizingly awful 2016 continuation London Has Fallen completely demonstrated the establishment prospects were thin, best case scenario.

But since forceful bigotry evidently sells motion picture tickets – recall when Gerard Butler’s character informed that fear based oppressor to “return to F***headistan” in the last film? – a threequel, this time set on Air Force One, is expected out this mid year.

What’s more, guess what? It’ll presumably make made bank and result in another spin-off being greenlit. Show benevolence. Gerard Butler merits better, trust it or not.

Olympus Has Fallen Trailer

Might It be able to Be Any Good?: If it summons the Harrison Ford exemplary Air Force One as much as humanly conceivable, at that point it could be a fun knock-off.

In any case, Aaron Eckhart’s not playing the President this time (bummer), regardless of whether Morgan Freeman should make for a quite fine substitution.

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