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Unpleasant Ghost

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By Annonymous


This happened when I was 9 years of age. It occurred in Chottanikkara Kerala. I ran with my mother for a school visit. As she is an educator, I got an opportunity to run with her in all school visits. We wandered all place in Kerala lastly we achieved Chottanikkara around 7 Pm in Evening.

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A short depiction about Chottanikkara. It is where they trust the spooky individuals or soul will be pursued away through Lord Bhagavati devi. So the general population who is had with phantom will come here. The day we went might be a full moon day or no moon day where all they trust it as a consecrated day for this Puja. Lamentably, we were there that night. We were around 120 individuals including instructors and understudies. We took a hotel and intended to remain that night. I require say that the place we stayed doesn’t have connected washroom. It has normal washrooms accessible in one side.

The place we stayed is generally favored by family who needs to do Puja as it is near sanctuary and agreeable for Puja. After supper, my mother went to pay phone to talk with my dad. Those day around the year 2000, the cellphones are not extremely recognizable and we will utilize pay phone to talk. I was feeling drowsy and I began to stroll towards the room. There I saw a young lady matured around 18 to 20 years, grinning at me and calling me close to her. I ran and talked with her. I recall that she asked my name and class. I said everything in the mean time my mother came so I ran with her. My Mom cautioned me for conversing with an outsider.

That young lady talked with me great yet she carried on peculiarly according to everybody. She was ceaselessly going towards restroom and washing face for like clockwork.

By around 11pm, my room young ladies were playing tunes and moving. Abruptly we as a whole heard a noisy shout of a young lady saying to spare her in Malayalam. We as a whole motivated goosebumps to hear that. She went to each conceivable entryway and thumped saying that somebody will execute her and to spare her. Nobody opened the entryway and she continued shouting. I being a young lady was extremely inquisitive to know so I gradually opened the window and peeped out to perceive what is going on.

However, what I saw out was simply stunned me.

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The young lady was being pulled by some power all over. She was actually gliding on air and some power is pulling her down. The Puja began and she was driven by the power which not letting her to sit in Puja. Her folks attempting to hold her however she is extremely solid to beat them and move away. I got extremely terrified I shut the window and went to my mother. The entire night I didn’t rest and was exceptionally terrified of what I saw. By early morning they took her to the sanctuary.

Following day, we as a whole went to sanctuary and there I saw that young lady was sitting in one corner droning some mantra. They said she controlled by an abhorrent soul which needed her to execute and that is the reason it is driving her here and there. I trust she may have cured and living great life now.

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