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Unsolved Frightening Tales of Valentine’s Day

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‘Julie Valentine’ Discovery 

On the morning of February 13, 1990, Glenn Hayward was strolling through a field situated behind a shopping center in Greenville, South Carolina. He was searching for a few wildflowers to give his wife for Valentine’s Day. The site was known for being an unlawful dumping ground, and numerous things were strewn over the field that day. Hayward ran over a Sears vacuum cleaner box and saw a foul scent radiating from it. At the point when Hayward opened the case, he found the disintegrating body of a baby young lady.

The perished kid was secured with a cover and some daily paper. Her umbilical rope was still connected, and the placenta was likewise inside the crate. It’s evaluated that the newborn child had been conceived roughly five days before she was found and kicked the bucket around two days after her introduction to the world. All signs were that the tyke was conceived solid, and since hints of sustenance were found inside her stomach, she had been tended to eventually. Specialists were not able decide the reason for death or reveal the kid’s personality, so she got the name “Julie Valentine.”

The main real potential lead was a reported locating of a man inside a red Pontiac Fiero stopped at the site three days before the newborn child was found. In any case, nobody knows whether this man has any association with the case, so until the youngster’s character can be built up, she will keep on being known as “Julie Valentine.”

Billy Trimbach Murder 

On Valentine’s Day in 1992, Billy and Cindy Trimbach were hitched in Stoneham, Colorado. On the date of their first commemoration, Billy was shot to death and found by the side of an alternate street outside of Wiggins, around 80 kilometers (50 mi) far from Stoneham. In an odd turn, the sheriff who explored the case coincidentally drove past the same street in no time before Billy was found. He saw numerous vehicles at that correct spot and might have accidentally determined past the executioner while they were discarding Billy’s body.

The examination in the end moved in the direction of Cindy Trimbach, who’d gathered a $500,000 extra security arrangement on her spouse’s demise. Physical proof was likewise found inside Cindy’s auto to recommend that Billy’s body might have been in there at some point.The billow of suspicion constrained Cindy to move to Butte, Montana, with James, her 10-year-old child from a past marriage, and there would soon be a stunning postscript to this story. In April 1994, a Butte daily paper ran an article about Billy Trimbach’s homicide, which specified that Cindy was a suspect.

James was teased about this on the school play area by a 11-year-old cohort named Jeremy Bullock. James reacted by hauling out a firearm and shooting Jeremy to death.James was sent to an adolescent home for the wrongdoing, and Cindy kicked the bucket of regular causes in 1996. Throughout the years, bits of gossip have spread that Cindy employed somebody to do Billy’s homicide, and no less than one street pharmacist has supposedly gloated about being included. Be that as it may, the full truth about Billy Trimbach’s passing has never been revealed.

Jodine Serrin Murder

On Valentine’s Day in 2007, Art and Lois Serrin went to visit their 39-year-old girl, Jodine, at her condominium. Jodine was rationally handicapped, and despite the fact that she could live autonomously, regardless she required incessant visits from her guardians to keep an eye on her. At the point when the Serrins landed at the condominium that night, the lights were on, yet they couldn’t open the front entryway on the grounds that the chain was locked.

In the wake of getting no answer when they got out Jodine’s name, Art busted open the entryway. He strolled into her obscured room and was amazed to locate his little girl having intercourse with a unidentified man. Workmanship advised the man to get dressed and leave while both he and Loris held up in another room.After a few minutes had passed, Jodine had not turn out to meet her guardians. The Serrins came back to the room and were dealt with to a sickening sight: Jodine’s dormant naked body was presently lying on the bed. She had been pounded the life out of and choked.

Extraordinarily, Jodine’s executioner had been sufficiently bold to murder her while her guardians were still inside the condo and by one means or another figured out how to escape before they found what he had done. It’s additionally conceivable that the sex in the middle of Jodine and her executioner was not consensual, and her guardians unconsciously strolled in on her while she was amidst being assaulted. DNA confirmation was gathered from the wrongdoing scene, yet hitherto, Jodine Serrin’s killer has never been gotten or recognized.

Marilu Geri Murder 

On the morning of Valentine’s Day in 1986, Stephen Geri left his Houston home to go to work. By, his wife, Marilu, was still in bed at the time. A couple of hours after the fact, Stephen called Marilu’s mom, Maria Serrato, from his working environment. Stephen guaranteed that Marilu wasn’t noting the telephone and requested that Maria visit their home to offer Marilu some assistance with preparing for a gathering that day. Maria went along, however when she touched base at the Geri living arrangement, she was stunned to find that her girl had been killed. Marilu was shot four times and her body contained projectiles from both a .38 and a .22.

There was no indication of a break-in or theft, and it wasn’t much sooner than suspicion moved in the direction of Stephen.While Stephen claimed a few handguns, none of them were utilized to shoot Marilu, and he appeared to have a plausible excuse. Be that as it may, a few parts of Stephen’s explanation appeared somewhat suspicious. That specific morning, Stephen went out a couple of hours sooner than common and ran errands by going by a few unique areas, including a 7-11, post office, and donut shop.

The day after the homicide, Stephen raised a few eyebrows by coming back to all these same areas and particularly reminding the workers that he had been there the past morning. A conceivable intention was a $400,000 protection strategy that Stephen had taken out on his wife. Marilu’s guardians really took Stephen to court to keep him from gathering the protection cash, blaming him for being in charge of the homicide. The two gatherings in the long run came to an out-of-court settlement, however the insights about the settlement are fixed. Stephen Geri has constantly kept up his blamelessness, so formally, his wife’s homicide is still unsolved.

The Murders Of Nicholas Kunselman & Stephanie Hart

On April 20, 1999, a standout amongst the most scandalous school shootings ever occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado, and 13 guiltless casualties were killed. The group was tormented by the silly shooting passings of two more high school understudies 10 months after the fact. At the time, 15-year-old Nicholas Kunselman and his 16-year-former sweetheart, Stephanie Hart, were sophomores at Columbine, and Nicholas worked at a Subway sandwich shop close to the school. In no time before 1:00 AM on Valentine’s Day, another Subway worker drove by the shop and saw the lights were on despite the fact that the spot should be shut.

At the point when the representative went inside, she found that Nicholas and Stephanie had both been shot to death behind the counter.Nicholas had been working the night movement, and Stephanie halted by the shop to visit him while he quit for the day. Eventually, they were trapped by an obscure attacker. In a ghostly fortuitous event, one of the first Columbine casualties, Rachel Scott, coincidentally had been utilized by the same Subway shop at the season of her demise.

The main lead was a locating of a unidentified man in a red coat leaving the store in a matter of seconds before the bodies were found. Since nothing gave off an impression of being stolen, burglary did not appear to be the thought process. An examination would uncover that a medication ring was working in the zone at the time, so it’s been hypothesized the killings may have been medication related. Truth be told, Stephanie’s mom even made a fizzled endeavor to sue the shop’s proprietor, charging that he permitted unlawful medication movement to happen on the property. Following 16 years, powers have still been not able figure out who killed Nicholas Kunselman and Stephanie Hart.

Antonio Saldivar Mysterious Death 

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source youtube

At roughly 6:00 PM on February 14, 2014, 17-year-old Houston high schooler Antonio Saldivar obtained his mom’s auto to go visit his sweetheart. He was wanting to convey a teddy bear to her as a Valentine Day’s blessing. Antonio twisted up missing his time limitation that night, which drove his mom to over and over call and content his phone. At 4:00 AM, Antonio at last addressed his telephone and let his mom know he was en route home. Inside of a half hour, Antonio totaled his mom’s vehicle by colliding with a solid column.

Antonio was mysteriously absent at the mishap scene, however abnormally, his shoes were abandoned in the car.Antonio remained a missing individual until February 27, when a worker from a Texas Port Recycling scrap metal plant found Antonio’s body, which was caught submerged underneath a dock inside the Houston Ship Channel. He was discovered around 3 kilometers (2 mi) from the mischance scene. It’s conceivable that Antonio got to be perplexed before meandering far from the scene and suffocating, however a considerable measure of unusual points of interest didn’t make any sense.

Antonio never really made it to his better half’s home that night, and the Valentine’s Day teddy bear was found inside his jeans between his legs.One witness told police they saw a dull SUV run Antonio’s auto into the column. Antonio was additionally found inside a protected range close to the scrap metal plant, which was out of reach to the hunt volunteers who had been searching for him. So how did his body wind up there? Antonio Saldivar’s family are keeping on scanning for answers about his demise.

Marcy Jo Andrews Disappearance 

In 1984, 24-year-old Marcy Jo Andrews and two of her female companions spent Valentine’s Day going to a gathering at the Chicago condo of Casey Nowicki. Nowicki was driving the ladies home when he collided with a viaduct, harming Andrews’ lower leg. Nowicki gave his auto keys to Andrews’ companions and requesting that they call a tow truck while he took her to the doctor’s facility in a taxi. Soon thereafter, the ladies called Nowicki’s condo and talked with Andrews, who sounded scared and guaranteed Nowicki never took her to the healing facility.

This would be the last time Andrews’ companions ever gotten notification from her. Throughout the following couple of days, they made rehashed endeavors to visit Nowicki’s loft, however he asserted Andrews had effectively left and declined to let them inside. At the point when police were informed, Nowicki recounted the same story and precluded all learning from claiming Andrews’ whereabouts.In 2000, Nowicki was at long last accused of Andrews’ homicide. The arraignment’s hypothesis was that Nowicki took Andrews back to his flat and sedated her with THC so he could more than once sexually strike her.

The indictment delivered various witnesses who asserted to have seen Andrews in Nowicki’s condo in the days taking after the mishap. One witness, Michael John Panisi, vouched for seeing a bare Andrews cuffed to a radiator and later seeing her lying dead on the floor. Panisi asserted that Nowicki gave Andrews an intentional THC overdose before discarding her body. Nowicki’s protection group contended that the indictment’s witnesses were inconsistent since a large portion of them had criminal records and were offered bargains in return for their affirmation. By the by, Nowicki was still indicted assault and murder and sentenced to life detainment. Despite this, Marcy Jo Andrews’ body has still never been found.

China Rose Sims Disappearance 

In February 1988, English furniture merchant David Sims took a business trek to the Philippines and got hitched to a lady named China Rose, who was 20 years more youthful than him. China went with her new spouse back to England, and the couple inevitably moved into a house in Southend. In any case, the marriage began to go to pieces, and China advised her sister that she needed to leave David since he was getting to be vicious toward her.

She even guaranteed David had advised her he’d enlist somebody to slaughter her since it was less expensive than getting a separation. On Valentine’s Day in 1993, China went to a family party, and this was the last time anybody could affirm seeing her alive. Despite the fact that China had communicated enthusiasm for coming back to the Philippines to see her evil father, she never reached her family again.

Did China disappear without clarification, as well as her spouse dropped off the guide also. David was most recently seen at the couple’s home around two months after China’s vanishing, however he in this manner vanished without clarification. Despite the fact that David had two little girls from a past marriage, he stopped contact with them.

A long time later, police would find Geoffrey Paston, who beforehand imparted the Southend home to David and China. By, David had requested that he offer the house and put the returns into a record under David’s assumed name, “Anthony Peter Lewis.” Approximately £40,000 of this cash was gathered by a man guaranteeing to speak to David, and in any event £10,000 stays in the record and has never been touched. It’s firmly theorized that China was killed, yet until she or her spouse are found, the case will stay unsolved.

Maureen Fields Disappearance 

In 2006, 41-year-old Maureen Fields appeared to be exceptionally bothered when she appeared for work on Valentine’s Day at the Wells Fargo bank in Pahrump, Nevada. Maureen was amidst a grieved marriage to her professedly oppressive spouse, Paul Fields, and advised her colleagues that “something’s going to happen.” The next day, Maureen disappeared. By spouse, Maureen left their habitation that morning to go to work, yet she never arrived.

After one day, Maureen’s surrendered vehicle was discovered stuck in the sand in a remote segment of the Mojave Desert close Death Valley. Her satchel and a few different assets, including a couple of pantyhose, were abandoned, and there was additionally a cover on the ground with hints of blood and vomit.Since a vacant Xanax pill container was likewise found, there was introductory theory that she may have meandered into the desert and submitted suicide. Be that as it may, her body never turned up, and since the pill container was wiped clean of fingerprints, it appeared like the scene was organized.

Male DNA was found on the pantyhose, however it didn’t coordinate Paul Fields, whom police thought to be the prime suspect. In 2012, the case took an astounding turn when the DNA was coordinated to an elderly indicted sex wrongdoer named Keith Wayne Holmes. Whenever addressed, Holmes asserted that he had consensual sex with Maureen before allowing her to sit unbothered in the desert. Holmes additionally guaranteed to know Paul, yet by this point, he was experiencing dementia and couldn’t give any brief answers. Holmes passed on in jail hospice care in April 2014. Paul Fields keeps on being the prime suspect in his wife’s vanishing, yet the real points of interest of what happened stay hazy.

The Rundle Family Murder

In 1985, Cassandra Rundle was a 37-year-old, two-time divorcee living in Colorado Springs with her two youngsters: 12-year-old Detrick and 10-year-old Melanie. On the morning of February 14, Cassandra’s second ex appeared at the home to convey her a record collection as a Valentine’s Day present. Sadly, he found that the whole family was severely killed. Cassandra’s naked body was found on her bed. She had been tied up, assaulted, and beaten before she was choked to death.

Melanie’s body was found in her own room, and she was additionally assaulted and choked. She had a cracked skull, and the state of Melanie’s room showed a noteworthy battle before her death.Detrick had been pounded the life out of inside his own room. By him was a ridiculous hockey stick, which had been utilized as a weapon on each of the three relatives. It appeared to be likely that Detrick had gone outside that morning before the executioner arrived and came back to the house while the homicides were in advancement. In the months prior to her demise, Cassandra had taken out individual advertisements in a nearby daily paper.

She got more than 80 reactions and reached a few men, yet no confirmation could be found to connection any of them to the homicides. Suspicion has likewise been coordinated at a previous officer named Philip E. Wilkinson, who is as of now sitting on death line in North Carolina for the 1992 triple killing of a mother and her two kids. That wrongdoing bore a few likenesses to the Rundle murders, however Wilkinson has never been associated with the case. As it seems to be, these horrendous homicides stay unsolved more than 30 years after the fact.

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