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Unsolved Haunting Cases from New York

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Rashawn Brazell

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

On February 14, 2005, 19-year-old Rashawn Brazell was wanting to deal with his charges before meeting his mother for lunch. He cleared out his family home early that morning, heading for the Gates Avenue train station. After three days, his middle, legs, and an arm were discovered wrapped in garbage sacks in a tram burrow. His other arm was found at an adjacent reusing plant.

His head has never been found. After 10 years, New York police are no closer to discovering who killed the young person. They aren’t even certain what could have incited such a horrendous assault. What is sure is that the killer had a broad information of the metro framework. A device pack of a sort being tried by New York Transit Authority laborers was discovered adjacent with Brazell’s blood inside.

Nonetheless, the pack was likewise sold to general society and no further leads rose. To make matters much more puzzling, a few individuals associated with Rashawn have gotten obscure messages, apparently from the executioner or somebody putting on a show to be the executioner. The messages for the most part touch base around Rashawn’s birthday. The examination as of now proceeds, with specialists and Rashawn’s family resolved to discover a few answers.

Lorraine Snell

In September 1980, 19-year-old Lorraine Snell was highly involved with arranging her engagement party when she touched base at the Midwood Terrace eatery, where the gathering was to be held. As she exited, the barmaid saw that she was joined by James Burrus, the alienated spouse of her cousin Barbara. It was sprinkling and Burrus was holding an umbrella for Snell.That was the last time Lorraine Snell was seen alive. She was later discovered choked in the secondary lounge of a station wagon, a link still wrapped around her neck.

The auto had been stopped behind a general store where James Burrus was once utilized. Investigators were not able indisputably connect Burrus to the homicide, yet he did serve time for looting a taxicab driver that same night. He has subsequent to end up a minister and denies any contribution in Snell’s demise. Strangely, Lorraine’s mom, Pearl, was gone to by head prosecutor agent Wayne Tennent, who guaranteed her that the police were doing all that they could to locate her little girl’s executioner. Tennent stayed in touch, and Pearl was appreciative for his continuous calls about the case.

Notwithstanding, it later rose that Tennent had never been doled out to the Snell case and that a vital case record had disappeared from the NYPD. It was additionally charged that Tennent had attempted to access the case records even after his retirement.Lorraine’s family are especially suspicious of how Tennent demanded that Barbara Burrus had been cleared of inclusion for the situation, utilizing dialect like that utilized by Barbara herself. Notwithstanding, Tennent demands that he doesn’t di anything incorrectly and simply took an enthusiasm for the case since he had known Lorraine Snell before her passing. The case stays unsolved.

Isidor Fink

On March 9, 1929, Polish worker Isidor Fink wrapped up some clothing and came back to his little New York loft. Just 15 minutes after Fink entered the condo, frightful shouts (yet no discharges) were heard originating from inside. The neighbors summoned a cop, who touched base to discover both entryways bolted from within and the windows nailed close, likewise from within. The windows were additionally excessively limit for a grown-up, making it impossible to move through, constraining the police to pick up section by method for a little tyke, who opened the entryway after the cops lifted him through the transom.

Fink was found inert on the floor with three gunfire wounds to his mid-section and wrist. A hunt of the flat neglected to turn up a weapon. The main fingerprints had a place with the casualty. Fink’s cash had not been stolen and it would have been unimaginable for an interloper to bolt the entryways from within subsequent to leaving the loft. Yet, suicide additionally appeared to be unthinkable, since there was no undeniable path for Fink to discard the weapon. It’s likewise vague why a self-destructive Fink would have shot himself in the wrist and mid-section. Progressively confounded, the cops went over the condo looking for a concealed entryway or mystery passageway. They discovered none.

As a great instance of an apparently unthinkable wrongdoing, Fink’s homicide has pulled in extensive consideration throughout the years. Wrongdoing buffs have recommended that an executioner may have possessed the capacity to jolt the entryway from within utilizing a bit of string, yet it’s not clear why anybody would grow such an intricate plot to murder a conventional clothing proprietor. Moreover, the neighbors called a cop instantly subsequent to listening to shouts, leaving an extremely limit time allotment for an executioner to get away.

After such a long time, the wrongdoing stays unsolved.

Richard Colvin Cox

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

The main cadet to vanish from New York’s well known West Point military institute was Richard Colvin Cox. On January 14, 1950, the 21-year-old Cox told two of his flat mates that he ate arranges with a companion named George at an inn on the West Point grounds. He marked out of his military quarters that night, wearing his full uniform. He was never seen again. The armed force and FBI dispatched a gigantic quest for Cox yet neglected to settle the secret.

This permitted various wild speculations to develop, including recommendations that he had been captured by the Soviets or joined the CIA. The case depended on the baffling figure of “George.” Apparently, George and Cox had met while positioned in Germany and turned out to be great companions. At the point when George contributed up individual at West Point, Cox seemed shocked and annoy. This drove agents to guess that Cox had been killed in light of the fact that he thought about some shady dealings in Germany, maybe including the unsolved homicide of a pregnant lady. Another hypothesis rose after examiners found that Cox was despondent at West Point and had been in gay person connections previously.

In this form of occasions, Cox and George were significant others and chose to slip off together. A minor departure from this hypothesis is upheld by Marshall Jacobs, a specialist scientist who accumulated a broad gathering looking into the issue. By, police exploring a killer named Robert Frisbee got an unknown tip that he was included in Cox’s vanishing. Frisbee was positioned at West Point in the meantime as Cox and coordinated the depiction of “George.” He was likewise known not produced IDs. Jacobs suspects that Cox purchased another personality from Frisbee and vanished to begin another life.Neither of the men have ever been found.

Shane Anthony Walker

Only three months following two-year-old Christopher Dansby vanished visible to everyone from a New York City play area, Rosa Glover chose to take her 19-month-old child, Shane Walker, to the same park. It was a hot day in August 1989 and Rosa was perched on a seat with Shane when she was drawn nearer by a 10-year-old young lady and her five-year-old sibling. The two youngsters hit up a discussion with Rosa and afterward inquired as to whether Shane could play with them.

The kids didn’t appear to psyche that Shane was such a great amount of more youthful than them and Rosa consented to let them bring the little child down the slide. She was watching them play when a man sat down beside her and started fuming about the high wrongdoing rate in the city. He said that kids weren’t protected in the recreation center and specified abducting. He likewise attempted to demonstrate her a few scars he said he had gotten in battles. By, she turned her head for only a few moments to take a gander at the scars. When she thought back, Shane was gone. So were the youngsters he had been playing with.

Rosa promptly began hustling around the play area requiring her kid. After seeing the young lady and her sibling re-entering the recreation center, she asked them where her kid was, yet they demanded that they had abandoned him in the recreation center. Police additionally scrutinized the two youngsters yet in the end needed to discharge them. Strangely, Christopher Dansby was additionally seen playing with the anonymous kid and young lady on the day he vanished. The two little children both lived in the same building and vanished at generally the same time on a Thursday afternoon.Christopher and Shane have never been found.

Henryk Siwiak

On September 11, 2001, the world viewed with sickening apprehension as the Twin Towers blazed. So it’s obvious that a homicide conferred in New York around the same time pulled in little attention. Henryk Siwiak, a 46-year-old Polish foreigner, had come to New York right around a year prior in the expectation of improving a life for his family back home. Without further ado before he was killed, he had been given a vocation wiping floors at a grocery store in Brooklyn. His first night was planned for September 11.

Uncertain precisely where the store was, Siwiak requested that his proprietor help him discover Albany Avenue on a guide. Tragically, he wound up going to 1 Albany Avenue, a few miles far from the grocery store at 1525 Albany Avenue. The zone where he wound up was known as a risky area, where drug bargains went down day by day. It’s misty what happened next, however Henryk was shot a couple of minutes before midnight. He figured out how to drag himself up a few stairs to ring a doorbell, yet the lady inside was excessively startled by the discharges, making it impossible to go to the entryway.

Siwiak kicked the bucket minutes later.Given the occasions of the day, the Crime Scene Unit couldn’t make it to the wrongdoing scene. Rather, the zone was cleared by a group as a rule tasked with examining robberies. Siwiak still had his cash in his takes, so theft wasn’t the intention. It’s conceivable that Siwiak’s outfit of cover jeans and a military-style coat were seen as undermining, however actually no one truly knows why he was murdered. Just about 15 years after the fact, the riddle of Henryk Siwiak’s passing stays unsolved.

Kathleen Kolodziej

On November 2, 1974, 17-year-old Kathleen Kolodziej left a Cobleskill bar and made a beeline for the SUNY Cobleskill grounds. She had before declined a lift offered by her flat mate, saying that she would get a ride with another person. The adolescent’s mom reported her missing the following day.The disastrous truth became exposed when police discovered Kathleen’s half-bare body in Richmondville about a month later. She had been wounded various times with two distinct weapons.

The main believable lead was a report of a young lady looking like Kathleen getting into a yellow Volkswagen on the morning of her vanishing. The report was never substantiated.Over four decades later, agents are no closer to discovering Kathleen’s killer. In spite of talking more than 3,000 individuals and pursuing down more than 1,000 potential leads, the police were never ready to distinguish a suspect. By County Sheriff Tony Desmond, the best trust now might be that the maturing killer feels the need to tell the truth before his own passing.

Anthony Urciuoli

In January 2001, Anthony Urciuoli was at home in Poughkeepsie when he got a page and told his guardians he was going out to play a round or two of pool with a companion. It was just about midnight and Anthony told his guardians he wouldn’t be away for over two hours. At the point when his mom investigated her child’s room the following morning, she understood he had never come home.Anthony generally played at Shark’s pool lobby, yet no one had seen him there the night he vanished.

His auto was found in a parking garage close Spratt Park. His wallet was still inside and police found no indications of a battle. Agents were not able follow the page Anthony said he had gotten before he went out. As the years moved on, Anthony’s guardians depleted every conceivable mean of looking for their child, including offering a prize for data, showing up on television shows, and notwithstanding counseling with psychics. Yet, no new proof has risen. The police can’t be totally certain in the event that he was killed or chose to vanish for hazy reasons of his own.

Quin-Rong Wu

In May 1997, 11-year-old Quin-Rong Wu left her family’s one-room loft for her primary school in Henry Street. The young lady never made it to class that day. After two weeks, her body was found in the East River. She had been strangled.Quin-Rong had moved to America with her family only year and a half prior. She adored living in the huge city and eating at her school with companions every morning. Living in New York was really the first occasion when she had lived in the same house as her crew.

In China, she needed to live with a cousin due to her sexual orientation and the strict strategies in regards to populace control. The school was just three squares far from the family’s flat, so it didn’t appear to be hazardous to let her stroll over without anyone else. The examination concerning the homicide showed that Quin-Rong might have been sexually attacked before she was choked and tossed into the waterway. Her school pack and one of her shoes stay missing.

An unshaven man purportedly seen by a witness going with a youthful Asian young lady on a metro in the Lower East Side turned into a center purpose of the examination, as did Quin-Rong’s guardians when they told clashing stories of how a prior infant young lady had kicked the bucket back in China.Almost 19 years after the fact, reality encompassing the homicide of Quin-Rong still escapes the police. The examination is progressing.

Patrick Alford

Patrick Alford didn’t have the ideal youth some are sufficiently fortunate to encounter. He had been detracted from his mom, Jennifer Rodriguez, after she was captured for shoplifting and observed to be subject to medicates. He was then put with a temporary mother, Librada Moran, in Brooklyn’s Starrett City. Three weeks in the wake of moving in with Moran, the seven-year-old Alford was offering her convey overwhelming garbage packs first floor when her wireless some assistance with ringing.

Moran quickly left the kid first floor while she went to accept the call. After returning, she found that he had vanished Fully persuaded that his natural mother had snatched him, the powers captured Jennifer Rodriguez and just discharged her after she had invested energy in a jail cell and finished a polygraph test. In the years that took after, the police caught up on each lead they could discover and sought a large number of condo in the Starrett City territory.

A pursuit of a close-by stream and meetings with Patrick’s educators and transport drivers demonstrated vain. Jennifer Rodriguez has following brought a claim against Moran and Children’s Services because they neglected to ensure Patrick.In January 2015, a recharged seek started, with police brushing Brooklyn and Staten Island looking for intimations. Despite everything they haven’t found any answers.

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