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Unsolved Kidnappings of Child

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Kamelia Spencer

source youtube
source youtube

In January 1997, Sonia Coppulecchia conceived a little girl named Kamelia. The kid’s dad was her current sweetheart, Derek Spencer. Six months after Kamelia’s introduction to the world, the couple’s relationship reached an end. Sonia at first held guardianship of Kamelia, however things soon got unstable when Derek’s mom, Helen Gruning, recorded criminal allegations against her.

Helen asserted that Sonia had debilitated to murder her and her child. The greater part of the charges against Sonia did not stick, yet she did invest eventually in prison for undermining Helen. Derek and Helen wound up picking up guardianship of Kamelia, however the story just got more strange. Helen was in the long run researched by the California Department of Social Services once it got to be evident that she was experiencing Munchausen disorder as a substitute.

It worked out that Helen had been pressuring Kamelia into faking ailments, compelling the youngster to look for superfluous therapeutic consideration, and take solution she didn’t require. Kamelia was expelled from the care of Derek and Helen and put in child care. On December 20, 1999, Derek was permitted a managed visit with Kamelia at the Funland delight focus in Palmdale, California.

Amid the visit, Derek figured out how to sneak far from the social laborer and vanished with his girl. At the point when powers checked the living arrangement where Derek and Helen both dwelled, they found that it had been totally cleaned out.

It is accepted that Derek and Helen were frightful about Sonia recapturing guardianship of Kamelia and spent a while auctioning off all that they could to raise $122,000 for a getaway. Kamelia, her dad, and her fatherly grandma have not been seen since. Government capture warrants are still dynamic on both Derek Spencer and Helen Gruning. In the event that still alive, Kamelia Spencer would be 18 years of age today.

Kate Phillips

In 2011, Ariel Courtland lived in Ludington, Michigan, with her two children, one of whom was a four-month-old girl named Kate. Ariel’s boyfriend, Sean Phillips, was the father of her older child but denied being Kate’s father. On June 29, Sean was forced to take a court-ordered paternity test. Since he was a soldier and was going to be deployed in Afghanistan that summer, Sean did not want the added burden of a second child.

He decided to drive Ariel and Kate to the Department of Human Services to place the child up for adoption. Ariel did not want to do this, and the couple got into a heated argument before returning to Ariel’s apartment. When Ariel went to her apartment to get Kate’s stroller, Sean drove away with the child still inside the vehicle.Sean was arrested at his parents’ home a few hours later. Even though Kate’s car seat and diaper bag were inside the trunk of Sean’s vehicle, the child was nowhere to be found. Sean also had some of Kate’s clothing in his pocket, but gave conflicting stories about what had happened to her. In April 2012, Sean was convicted of false imprisonment and sentenced to 10–15 years in prison.

While incarcerated, Sean allegedly wrote a letter to Ariel in which he confessed to accidentally killing Kate. Sean’s letter stated that, after driving away from Ariel’s apartment, he threw the car seat out of the vehicle in frustration. However, he’d mistakenly assumed that Ariel had already taken Kate out of her seat. Afterward, Sean left his lifeless daughter at an undisclosed location. While Kate’s body has never been found, there are still tentative plans to put Sean Phillips on trial for murder sometime in the future.

The Campbell Children

For a considerable length of time, Jewel Bernay Campbell endured an oppressive marriage with her spouse, A.J. In 1958, Jewel at last left A.J. furthermore, headed out to Texas with their two kids: three-year-old Myrisha and 11-month-old A.J.

Jr. Inevitably, A.J. was allowed appearance rights with his youngsters, and he landed to lift them up from Jewel’s home on the morning of September 6. A.J. was driving an auto fitting in with one of his companions, William Randle, who went hand in hand with him on the appearance. A.J. should return the kids by 3:00 PM, however soon after leaving town, A.J. ceased the auto and requested that Randle move out. A.J. guaranteed that he would return in a matter of seconds and drove off with his two kids.

A.J. come back to get Randle after 40 minutes, yet Myrisha and A.J. Jr. were no more inside the vehicle. A.J. asserted that he went to visit his brother by marriage and got into a battle with him, however never disclosed what happened to his kids. A.J. at that point headed to San Antonio and at the end of the day went separate ways with Randle. The accompanying day, Randle’s auto was found outside Austin.

A.J’s. body was inside. He had shot himself in the head with a shotgun. Right away before his passing, A.J. had called a pastor in Fort Worth, expressing that he had slaughtered and covered his youngsters and was wanting to slaughter himself. A.J. likewise deserted a note for his ex, at the end of the day guaranteeing that he had covered both their youngsters. Gem has constantly held out trust that A.J. was lying in his note, yet no hint of Myrisha or A.J. Campbell Jr. has ever been found.

The Brown Family

In 1985, James Brown lived in Port St. Lucie, Florida, with his wife, Carolyn, and their three youngsters: 10-year-old Sheketah, six-year-old Barry, and two-year-old Brandon. At some point amid July of that year, the whole Brown family bafflingly vanished.

After not got notification from them for a few weeks, Carolyn’s mom reported them missing to police. A hunt of the Brown home uncovered that one of the rooms had been naturally painted to conceal bloodstains. Carolyn’s tote had been abandoned and every last bit of her ID was cut up. In the blink of an eye from that point, Carolyn’s sister got a shocking telephone call from James, who advised her that whatever is left of the family was “out there.”

James Brown was soon found in a Savannah, Georgia, doctor’s facility under a false name. He was dealt with for a discharge wound to the head, which he ascribed to a burglary endeavor. Then again, when addressed by police, James admitted to killing his family before making a fizzled endeavor to submit suicide.

He guaranteed to have executed Carolyn and Brandon inside their home before discarding their bodies in Palm Beach County. Subsequently, he drove Sheketah and Barry to Georgia before shooting them to death and discarding their remaining parts. James later retracted his admission however was accused of the homicides of Carolyn and Brandon.

He would be absolved at trial, as the victimized person’s remaining parts were never discovered and there was little proof of him having perpetrated a wrongdoing. Regardless, James was authoritatively diagnosed as a jumpy schizophrenic and spent over 10 years in a psychological wellness office. He has following been discharged, however whatever is left of the Brown family has still never been found.

The O’Brien Boys

On November 9, 1996, Gary O’Brien appeared in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, for a booked visit with his three children: 14-year-old Adam, 11-year-old Trevor, and four-year-old Mitchell. Preceding Gary’s landing, his ex, Diana Boland, had called him to say that Mitchell was feeling sick and may need to miss the planned appearance, yet Gary was exceptionally stubborn about seeing each of the three of his children.

Gary grabbed the young men as booked in his 1989 Ford Tempo. Later that night, Diana got a telephone call from Gary, who advised her that he was not going to give back the young men. He likewise asserted to have fixed his home with a bomb which would blast if anybody attempted to enter.After police were told, they flew out to Gary’s home in Torbay and found that he had undoubtedly fixed the habitation with a bomb. The gadget was comprised of two 180-kilogram (400 lb) propane tanks and could have annihilated the whole neighborhood in the event that it went off. In any case, there was no indication of Gary or his three children, and they have not been seen subsequent to.

After one year, a motor having a place with a 1989 Ford Tempo was found in the sea off close-by Red Head Cliff. This prompted hypothesis that Gary may have conferred a homicide suicide by purposely driving his vehicle into the sea with his three children inside. On the other hand, it is obscure if the motor really fit in with Gary’s Ford Tempo. Diana Boland keeps on holding out trust that her ex fixed the propane bomb and hurled the motor into the sea with a specific end goal to misdirect police and fake his kids’ passings. In the event that Gary O’Brien is alive, there is a still a dynamic crime warrant against him for hijacking and endeavored homicide.

Gabriel Johnson

source youtube
source youtube

In 2009, Elizabeth Johnson lived in Tempe, Arizona, with her seven-month-old child, Gabriel, and was occupied with a guardianship fight with the tyke’s dad, Logan McQueary. On December 18, the day following the two folks were granted joint guardianship, Elizabeth took Gabriel and headed out to San Antonio without illuminating his dad. The last affirmed locating of Gabriel was at a motel on December 27.

Quickly from there on, Logan got a progression of exasperating instant messages and telephone calls from Elizabeth in which she asserted to have slaughtered Gabriel and hurled his body into a dumpster. After three days, Elizabeth was found in Miami Beach and captured. A pursuit turned up no hint of Gabriel’s body.

Elizabeth then enlightened police that she’d lied regarding executing Gabriel and had really given the tyke to a few in a San Antonio park. Months before Gabriel’s vanishing, Elizabeth had met a lady named Tammi Smith and made informal game plans for Smith and her spouse to embrace Gabriel. Since Logan would not have liked to surrender his kid, Smith plotted with Elizabeth trying to strip Logan of his parental rights.

Smith even went so far as to claim that her cousin was Gabriel’s natural father and fashioned his mark on a paternity report. Smith served a 30-day penitentiary sentence for imitation and intrigue to confer custodial obstruction however has constantly precluded any information from claiming Gabriel’s current whereabouts. Elizabeth got a five-year jail sentence for unlawful detainment and custodial obstruction and was discharged in July 2014. Elizabeth keeps on maintaining that she doled Gabriel out and did not hurt him, however the kid’s destiny stays obscure.

The Skelton Boys

source youtube
source youtube

In September 2010, Tanya Skelton petitioned for separation from her antagonized spouse, John. The couple had three kids together: nine-year-old Andrew, seven-year-old Alexander, and five-year-old Tanner. After finding out about what Tanya had done, John instantly withdrew Andrew and Alexander from their school and endeavored to take the young men to Florida before at long last consenting to return them to their home in Morenci, Michigan.

Without further ado from there on, Tanya was conceded full authority of every one of the three youngsters. At Thanksgiving, John was conceded appearance with his children and lifted them up from their home. The three young men were most recently seen in the terrace of John’s home that day.John was soon found in an Ohio healing facility accepting treatment after a fizzled endeavor to hang himself. There was no indication of his youngsters, so he was instantly captured. John guaranteed that he had given his children to a lady named Joann Taylor, who happened to be the wife of a minister, however there is no proof that this lady ever existed.

He later changed his story and guaranteed to have given his kids to an underground association to shield them from their mother.In July 2011, keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from seizing charges, John consented to argue no challenge to three checks of false detainment and was sentenced to 10–15 years in jail. Right up ’til the present time, he has never unveiled the area of his three missing children, yet powers don’t accept they were offered away to anybody. It is expected that John killed his kids and discarded their bodies early the morning in the wake of Thanksgiving.

Deborah Sanders

In September 1984, Norell Sanders was gone to at her Chicago flat by her irritated beau, Odell Sheppard. At the time, Norell lived with her one-year-old little girl, Deborah. Odell was the tyke’s dad. At the point when the couple got into a fierce battle, Odell grabbed Deborah out of her mom’s arms and fled the scene.

Weeks after the fact, Odell called Norell and offered to return Deborah in return for $2,000, yet Norell couldn’t stand to pay that. Indeed after Norell reached the police, they were uncertain about how to continue around then. Since Odell and Norell were never formally hitched, it was indistinct who had lawful authority of Deborah. Instantly from there on, Odell took Deborah to a relative’s memorial service in Memphis. That would be the last affirmed locating of the tyke.

After one year, Odell was at last found and captured, however Deborah was mysteriously gone. Odell was accused of kid kidnapping yet kept up his guilt-lessness and asserted that he had returned Deborah to his mom. In the wake of serving one year in jail, Odell was requested to deliver Deborah in court soon after his discharge. At the point when Odell neglected to do as such, he was imprisoned for common hatred.

As time went on, Odell persistently declined to uncover what had happened to Deborah.The case made lawful history. Odell stayed detained in the Cook County penitentiary for more than 10 straight years, which is accepted to be the longest sentence ever served for common disdain.

Since Odell was never formally accused of a wrongdoing, the circumstance has created much debate. He was at long last discharged from correctional facility in January 1998 after Norell kicked the bucket of a stroke. Right up ’til the present time, there are still no answers about the whereabouts of Deborah Sanders.

Timmothy Pitzen

source youtube
source youtube

In 2011, Jim and Amy Pitzen lived in Aurora, Illinois, with their six-year old child, Timmothy. On the morning of May 11, Amy settled on the odd choice to expel Timmothy from his class at school. She told the school there was a family crisis, yet this was untrue. In the wake of going through a couple of hours with her child at a nearby zoo, Amy headed to the town of Gurnee, where they registered with a water park resort.

The accompanying morning, Amy and Timmothy flew out to Wisconsin Dells and stayed at another water park resort. On May 13, Amy at long last chose to telephone her family to guarantee them that Timmothy was fine. They heard Timmothy’s voice out of sight amid the call, however that was the last affirmed contact with the kid.

Amy then headed to Rockford and registered with a motel. The accompanying morning, she was discovered dead in her room. She had cut her wrists with a crate cutter. There was no indication of Timmothy, yet Amy abandoned a note guaranteeing that he’d been left being taken care of by somebody who adored him and would never be found. Timmothy’s rucksack and sponsor seat were lost from Amy’s SUV, however there were hints of his blood inside.

In any case, following Timmothy had endured a real nosebleed in the vehicle before his vanishing, its obscure if these blood follows meant unfairness. The SUV was filthy, demonstrating that Amy may have crashed into a country region sooner or later. Preceding her demise, Amy was likewise seen in observation footage wearing dress which has never been found. Following four years, there is still no indication of Timmothy Pitzen, and everybody stays astounded about his mom’s choice to snatch him before taking her own life.

Bran di Summers And Tiffani Wise

In 1977, Beverly Wise lived in San Bernadino, California, with her spouse, Claude, and their three youngsters: five-year-old B*, two-year-old Tiffani, and eight-month-old Stacy. Claude was the father of Tiffani and Stacy, yet B*’s dad was Beverly’s ex, Roy Summers.

A long time prior, the couple had separated after a damaging marriage. For the duration of his life, Roy was hitched seven times and confronted various charges of vicious conduct from his companions. On March 30, while her spouse was grinding away, Beverly was wounded to death inside her home. Stacy was left unharmed, however B* and Tiffani were gone. Witnesses reported seeing a man placing Tiffani into an auto outside the house that day. The man looked like Roy Summers.

At first, powers did not accept that Roy had anything to do with the wrongdoing, yet in resulting years there were sightings of him with B* and Tiffani in distinctive states. In November 1979, Roy was captured in Oregon for attacking his current wife. Photos of the two missing young ladies, alongside tangibles from the Wise living arrangement, were found at his home.

It was estimated that Roy snatched B* and Tiffani on the grounds that they could distinguish him as Beverly’s executioner. Various individuals would be accused of plotting with Roy to conceal the two young ladies in the years taking after their vanishing, yet B* and Tiffani were never found. Roy was inevitably accused of Beverly’s homicide and the young ladies’ snatching, yet was cleared at trial in 1982.

Roy passed away in 2009, yet there have no affirmed sightings of either B* or Tiffani in more than 35 years. Sadly, since B* experienced cystic fibrosis at the time she turned up gone, the chances of despite everything her being alive after this time are bad.

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