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Urban Legends From Around the Globe

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As portrayed in pictures and motion pictures consistently, steeds are excellent animals. In any case, on the off chance that you visit Iceland and detect a dark stallion remaining beside a monstrous waterway, for example, the ocean or even a lake, help yourself out and take a gander at the steed’s hooves. On the off chance that they confront in reverse, you have a little problem.

It is said that this stallion, named Nykur, is a water-abiding beast that occasionally surfaces to bait clueless people to a watery demise. His skin is sticky. So if a man is captivated by the stallion and mounts it, he won’t have the capacity to get off once more. Rather, he will be dragged along to Nykur’s submerged home and drowned.Yelling its name at the stallion is said to panic it into running once again into the water alone.


Poinciana Woman

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A standout amongst the most disrupting urban myths to leave Australia recounts the tale of a young lady who was assaulted by Japanese anglers at Darwin’s East Point. When she understood she was pregnant, she was shocked and hanged herself from a poinciana tree.Her fretful soul began stalking men in East Point, appearing to them as an excellent vision in white.

In any case, when the men are spellbound by her, she transforms into a dreadful witch with long hooks, destroys them, and eats their intestines.For the individuals who are overcome, the poinciana lady can be summoned by turning around three times on a dim, moonless night and getting out her name. Her particular shout will tell you that she has been effectively summoned.


Studley Girl

The scariest urban legends are the ones that hit near and dear. Three years prior, a reddit client described the story that frightened him all through his youth and high school years. He lives in the town of Mechanicsville, Virginia, which has a winding street called Studley Road.Years back, a young lady lived in a little house on this street with her mom and alcoholic father.

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Flying into a fierceness one night, the man beat his better half and youngster to death and afterward shot himself.With her broken jaw swinging from her face, the young lady didn’t kick the bucket instantly. Rather, she advanced down Studley Road searching for help before in the end falling, blood recoloring the front of her pajamas.

Now, when you take one of Studley Road’s winding transforms that lead into the forested areas, you can see the apparition of the young lady gradually moving not far off with her back swung to you.Unsuspecting drivers who don’t think about the legend have pulled over to help her, exclusive for her to pivot and let out an unearthly shout from her free hanging jaw. Now and again, she likewise sputters through the blood as yet spilling from her mouth.


Teke Teke

As indicated by a particularly startling legend from Japan, a female office laborer was assaulted and beaten by American military men in Hokkaido a couple of years after World War II. The young lady bounced off a scaffold that night and was hit by a prepare on the railroad tracks below.Her body was disjoined down the middle at the midsection. As the to a great degree chilly climate kept her from seeping out promptly, she figured out how to drag her upper half to a prepare station where a stunned specialist tossed a plastic covering over her.

source youtube

She inevitably kicked the bucket in outrageous agony.Urban legend now has it that three days after you hear or read about this story, the phantom of the young lady will appear to you, making a teke sound as she slithers toward you on her arms. You can’t surpass her as she can achieve velocities of up to 150 kilometers for every hour (93 mph).Her mission is to get the greatest number of individuals as she can.

At that point she will cut off and take the lower parts of their bodies. The best way to get away from unavoidable passing is to answer her inquiries. In the event that she asks whether you require your legs, you should answer that you require them at the present time. What’s more, on the off chance that she asks who revealed to you her story, you should reply, “Kashima Reiko.”


El Silbon

As told in Venezuela and Colombia, El Silbon is a story about an animal that has been accursed to wander the Earth conveying a pack of bones.The animal was previously a young man who lived with his folks in Venezuela. Being a lone kid, he was ruined forever by his folks. Tragically, this transformed him into a meticulous and requesting brat.After demanding deer meat for supper one night and winding up to a great degree furious when his dad neglected to deliver it, the kid cut his dad in the stomach, hauled out his digestion tracts, and took them to his mom to cook. Although the mother cooked the guts, she in the end ended up plainly suspicious at the look of the meat.

source youtube

Acknowledging what the kid had done, the mother was suffering from extreme melancholy and let the kid’s granddad manage the fiendishness child.The granddad whipped the kid inside an inch of his life and afterward rubbed chilies and lemon squeeze in his injuries. At that point the granddad gave the kid a sack brimming with his dad’s bones and set a pack of canines free on him as the kid fled.

Just before the mutts murdered the kid, the granddad reviled him. Also, that was the starting point of the animal known as El Silbon. It is said that El Silbon still meanders around, shrieking and entering homes without anybody taking note. He puts the bean pole on the floor and tallies them inside the home. On the off chance that he goes unnoticed, an individual from the family in that house will pass on. Be that as it may, if the family notices him, the kid transforms their terrible fortune into good fortunes.


Baby Blue

In an indistinguishable vein from Bloody Mary, Baby Blue is a legend that started from a story in which an insane mother executed her child kid with a shard of mirror glass. Normally, there are the individuals who might want to evoke the soul of Baby Blue.The custom to do this incorporates going into a lavatory around evening time, misting up the mirror, and stating “Infant Blue” on it.

source youtube

At that point the light should be killed, and the individual who composed the name on the mirror should hold out his arms as though an infant were in them.

The soul of the infant will then show up in his open arms. On the off chance that the individual drops the child, the mirror will smash and the individual will die.Another adaptation of the story says that on the off chance that you go into a dim lavatory and serenade “Infant Blue” 13 times while shaking your arms forward and backward, the infant will show up and scratch you. Be that as it may, dropping the infant and fleeing is the best thought this time as his insane mother will show up in the mirror and kill you generally.

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