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Villains, More Powerful than Superman

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A few characters in DC Comics have been called Gog, however the genuine Gog is a divine being who emerged when William Matthews revealed his frame in the side of a mountain. Matthews had been calling himself Gog and had been resolved to wipe out false divine beings be that as it may, after “the one genuine Gog” emerged, Matthews quit utilizing the character.

To some degree definitely, as a divine being Gog is unfathomably capable: ready to reshape reality spontaneously and utilized his forces to give individuals their most extreme wishes. In any case, he brought about commotion in doing this, since he did as such without counseling them first.

He likewise has superhuman physical capacities, the capacities of flight, vitality control, time control, teleportation and endless different superpowers of a madly abnormal state.


Mister Mxyzptlk

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Despite the fact that Mister Mxyzptlk isn’t entirely a reprobate all things considered, he is surely an adversary, and one who gloated practically unequaled levels of energy.

Mxy is a devilish Imp from the Fifth Dimension – a measurement where ordinary material science basically don’t make a difference – and, in that capacity, he can adequately utilize his forces to make any impact.

He appreciates making an aggravation of himself to Superman – who can just thrashing him by deceiving him into saying his name in reverse – and there’s nothing Superman can physically do about it.

The Imp can twist reality on a general scale and can even make universes sans preparation. A beating from Superman would bring about Mxy snickering and handing Superman over to a piece of cheddar with an idea. On the off chance that he was genuinely shrewd, he would be a risk to the whole DC multiverse.



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Despite the fact that the 2011 Green Lantern film painted him appallingly, Parallax is really a madly effective character in the funnies. It is the vindictive grandiose element that speaks to and epitomizes the feeling of dread, which controls the Yellow Lantern Corps AKA the Sinestro Corps.

Initially, it was presented as Hal Jordan’s shrewd side, after he was made distraught by the pulverization of Coast City, however it has changed throughout the years as Jordan has realigned with the gallant side into the antiquated substance that brought about the yellow contamination in the Green Lantern battery that renders the Rings futile against every single yellow thing.

t was bug like in appearance – however clearly gigantic in size – and it can make dread and suspicion in whole planets’ civilizations. Its forces incorporate huge scale reality modification, control over the stream of time, flight, the capacity to have even the most effective of creatures, mind-control controls, the capacity to make strong vitality builds and the previously mentioned capacity to initiate dread and suspicion in its casualties.



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Larfleeze has been to some degree nerfed as far as his energy levels as of late at the same time, when he initially showed up in 2007, his energy made Superman’s appear to be practically unimportant.

He landed amid the development to the Blackest Night story-line, as the sole illustrative of the Orange Lantern Corps – the Corps controlled by the feeling of ravenousness or voracity – and was basically a limited Corps. He was sufficiently capable to go up against whole different Corps all alone and was sufficiently effective to go up against the infinite Guardians without anyone else’s input.

His colossal power was gotten from his nearness to his Corps’ energy battery – a thing that regularly engages hundreds, if not thousands, of individual Lanterns. Subsequently, he could really utilize his own particular personality to keep up a Corps of develop – basically surrendering him a back armed force under his own particular power.

Like whatever other Lantern, Larfleeze likewise had improved physical insights and gigantic vitality based forces, yet it is the reality he has the energy of an entire battery to himself that guarantees he has infinite power past that of Superman’s by some separation.



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Darkseid has not only proven himself capable of physically beating down Superman on numerous occasions, he also also proven himself to be a legitimate threat to the entire Justice League team that Superman leads €, having held his own against all of them in physical combat and terrorizing them over the years.

In terms of his super-powers, the evil lord of Apokolips dwarves Superman physically. He possesses vast superhuman strength that is superior to Superman’s – Darkseid was capable of treating even Pre-Crisis Superman like a child- and his durability and endurance are superior to the Man of Steel too. Darkseid’s powers also include his ultimate weapon €“- the Omega Effect – a powerful red energy that he fires from his eyes which has the ability to wipe its victims from existence.

When he fires them, they travel in a zig-zag pattern until they have sought out their target and erased them from the timeline. On top of everything else, they make Darkseid an incredibly powerful foe who Superman has every reason to fear.



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Basically, Zoom is more intense than Superman in light of his speed alone – and that is truly saying something.

Such is Hunter Zoloman’s speed that he could without much of a stretch thrashing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman joined, regardless of having no superhuman quality to talk about. His speed is enormous to the point that the effect of his punches are similarly as incredible as Superman’s.

If he somehow managed to face Superman in a reasonable battle, he could punch the Man of Steel so hard at the chime that he would both thump him out and send him into space before he could even respond.

Be that as it may, Zoom isn’t about his own speed – he can really take the speed of others to render them stable. On top of that, he can likewise render himself immaterial and make effective sonic blasts – even only by clicking his fingers. He could actually regard Superman as a joke.

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