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What is a Wedge?

The wedge is the dynamic twin of the slanted plane and one of the six traditional basic machines. Not at all like a slanted plane, which is stationary, a wedge does valuable work by moving.

photo via wikipedia
A wood splitting wedge

A wedge is comprised of two slanted planes. These planes meet and structure a sharp edge. For a wedge, the exertion (power) is connected to the vertical (tallness) of the wedge.

We frequently observe a wedge being utilized for some things

  • To separate segments of an item (etch)
  • To lift a substantial burden (forklift)
  • To hold an item set up and keep it from moving.

The power yielded from the wedge is conversely relative to the slanted edge. For example, in a wide wedge, the power yielded is less as the slanted point is enormous. In this way, if the slanted edge is little, the wedge yields a bigger power and may carry out the responsibility quicker, than a wedge with a bigger edge.

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