Why Camel’s Crooked Neck – Akbar Birbal

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Sovereign Akbar was tremendously awed with Birbal’s shrewdness and extraordinarily made the most of his brisk mind. One fine day, the Emperor got astoundingly satisfied by Birbal and guaranteed to remunerate him with numerous costly endowments. Be that as it may, a few days passed but the Emperor did not offer anything to Birbal. Birbal was disillusioned with the lord for not staying faithful to his commitment.

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At some point, when Akbar was walking around the bank of Yamuna with Birbal, he happened to see a camel staying there inertly. An odd inquiry came into the Emperor’s brain and he asked Birbal, “Let me know Birbal, for what reason is the camel’s neck screwy?”

Birbal thought for some time and afterward answered, “Your Majesty, maybe the camel has neglected to respect his guarantee made to someone. It is referenced in our sacred books that the individuals who break their guarantees get rebuffed with a slanted neck. I trust that it is therefore that the camel has a warped neck.”

Akbar before long understood that he had additionally not satisfied his guarantee to give a few presents to Birbal. When they touched base at the castle, Emperor Akbar gave Birbal all the costly endowments that he really merited.

This is the manner by which sharp Birbal got what he needed, without requesting it.

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