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Women in Ancient Greece

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Ladies in Ancient Greece were viewed as peons to men. Before getting hitched, young ladies were liable to their dad and needed to comply with his summons. In the wake of getting hitched, spouses were liable to their husbands. Ladies were looked downward on by men and were viewed as no more intelligent than kids.

source youtube
source youtube

Staying at Home

Women were relied upon to stay at home and deal with the family. In the city-condition of Athens, men once in a while wouldn’t permit their spouses to leave the home. They were essentially detainees in their own particular homes. Ladies dealt with the family unit slaves and even lived in a different part of the house.

Rich Women

Women wedded to well off men were regularly restricted to their homes. Their occupations were to deal with the family unit and to endure children for the spouse. They lived in a different range of the home from the men and even ate their suppers separate from the men. They had hirelings who assisted with bringing up the kids, doing family unit tasks, and running errands. Most ladies, even well off ladies, wove material for the family’s dress.

Poor Women

Poor ladies frequently had more flexibility than well off ladies since they couldn’t manage the cost of the same number of slaves. Since they didn’t have a great deal of slaves, poor ladies expected to go out to run errands, get water, and shop. They at some point took occupations as hirelings for the rich or worked in the neighborhood shops.

Did Women had lawful rights?

In some Greek city-states, for example, Athens, ladies had couple of lawful rights. In Athens, ladies by and large couldn’t possess property, couldn’t vote, and weren’t permitted to take an interest in the legislature. In other city-states, ladies had a couple of more rights, yet at the same time had less rights than men.


Ladies normally had nothing to do with who they wedded. They were “given” in marriage by their dad to another man. Once in a while exceptionally young ladies were marry to more established men.

source youtube
source youtube

Slave Women

Slave ladies were the most reduced class in Ancient Greece. They were slaves, as well as ladies.

Women in Sparta

Life was distinctive for the ladies of the city-condition of Sparta. In Sparta, ladies were regarded as the “mother’s of warriors.” Although they were not viewed as equivalent with men, they had a larger number of rights and flexibility than the ladies of Athens. They were instructed, played games, permitted to stroll around the city openly, and were likewise ready to possess property.

Fascinating Facts About Women in Ancient Greece

  • When a lady birthed a little girl she would turn away from her better half in disgrace. Now and again undesirable infant young ladies were tossed out with the waste.
  • One sort of Greek logic called Stoicism contended that men and ladies ought to be dealt with as equivalents.
  • In Athens, ladies could just purchase and offer things that were not exactly a specific quality called a “medimnos” of grain. This permitted them to purchase little things at the business sector, however not take an interest in real business bargains.
  • The primary open position a lady could have was as a priestess to one of the Greek goddesses.
  • Ladies were not permitted to take an interest in the Olympic recreations. Hitched ladies were entirely illegal to go to and could be executed on the off chance that they were gotten at the diversions.

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