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Worst Horror Prequels of All Times

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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort


The establishment that continued going far longer than anybody ever expected it could – and long after they’d slaughtered off the greater part of the first innate group of Wrong Turn, 2 and 3. Prequel domain saw the siblings rise up out of an old deserted insane person refuge in Wrong Turn 4, while the fifth portion included a loathsome Doug Bradley to the blend.

Final Resort is the minimum vital of the movies to date, occurring at an old inn out amidst no place, where a young fellow comes to claim his secretive legacy. Dreary, over-sexed rubbish, it bears little connection to any of alternate movies to date and remains a final resort for those looking for their boondocks repulsiveness settle.



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The Conjuring and its continuation are two of the better standard blood and guts movies made in this last decade. Significantly less great: The Conjuring’s twist off prequel, Annabelle, in light of the main film’s notorious frequented doll.

Like Annabelle herself, the film is latent and lacking identity, experiencing James Wan’s nonattendance from the executive’s seat. In the same way as other frequented doll films (see additionally: a great part of The Boy), it appears to substance to give its porcelain star’s frightening look a chance to do the majority of the truly difficult work, with little characterization stood to any other person.

No indication of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s apparition chasing Warrens either, denying this prequel of the best thing (Wan aside) about the establishment. How about we trust The Conjuring 2’s Nun turn off admissions somewhat better.




Part change, part prequel, however for the most part the last mentioned. Building up his faction repulsiveness certifications with the ruthless, barbarous and sweary Hillbilly them up The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie ventured up to the major alliances with his change of slasher exemplary Halloween. What, we pondered, would Rob Zombie do with Halloween and Michael Myers?

As it turned out, he basically replicated and pastied his officially settled sensibilities onto the current format, transforming Halloween into a ruthless, brutal and sweary Hillbilly them up. Gone is Michael Myers The Shape, Lovecraftian compel of nature and terroriser of sitters – supplanted with snorting, enraged Michael Myers The Bulk, destroying Ken Foree and taking his overalls. Michael isn’t the main character butchered by his Zombification either, transforming Laurie Strode into a dreary no one, and Loomis an unlikeable idiot by means of a called in execution from an obviously exhausted Malcolm McDowell.

This Halloween, you’ll wish he’d never tried returning home.


Exorcist: The Beginning


Actually no, not that one – the prequel to the exorcist which was a result of dread that the other prequel to the exorcist (truly called Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist) wasn’t much cop, and had Renny Harlin make his own particular form. Which, thus, wasn’t much cop, and ended up being more regrettable than the main adaptation.

The Beginning sees Father Merrin voyaging East Africa, where he experiences evil presence Pazuzu – who will later come to have Regan in The Exorcist. Notwithstanding the best endeavors of Stellan Skarsgard, The Beginning is dull studio passage, demistifying Merrin, Pazuzu thus quite a bit of what worked in The Exorcist all the while. Territory is only a tiny bit better, however neither ought to have been made in any case.


The Thing


Numerous things about The Thing which make it such a work of art: John Carpenter’s mind blowing course, Kurt Russell’s facial hair, Keith David, the phenomenal utilization of enhancements. The feeling of neurosis and claustrophobia. Scarcely any of this is spoken to in 2011’s half change, half prequel, which repeats the setting, outsider and visuals, yet overlooks any of the identity.

The semi revamp component sees a similar story repeated once more, an industrious absence of development abandoning it not able to make its own particular check – like individual itty-bitty snowflakes, as of late fallen in the midst of an Arctic tundra. To top it all off, it absolutely squanders stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton, who could have completely murdered in a good prequel or change of The Thing. Stay with the video game.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning


In the event that Platinum Dunes’ Texas Chainsaw Massacre change felt pointless, then this prequel is even doubly so – attaching on a crazy Leatherface birthplace story to the thing the movie producers really needed: more screen time for R. Lee Ermey’s Sheriff Hoyt.

Hoyt and the Hewitt family “return” in a story which clarifies components of the family legacy no one ever truly thought about in any case: how Hoyt stopped by his Sheriff’s identification, why Leatherface wears the cowhide, um, confront, and what’s with the entire human flesh consumption bargain. Like its forerunner, it’s bloody, barbarous and smoothly created, however its account deadlock makes it inconceivable for the group of onlookers to mind.

Still, at any rate it’s not as terrible as Texas Chainsaw 3D or – shivers – The Next Generation.


Red Dragon


Everyone cherished The Silence of the Lambs, and we very preferred its continuation, yet Hannibal composed itself into somewhat of a corner with the great specialist hacking off his hand and basically resigning abroad. Gratefully, there was one book they hadn’t adjusted yet: Red Dragon.

Already made as Manhunter with an alternate Doctor Lec(k)tor, Red Dragon is Silence of the Lambs-lite: the greater part of the fixings are there, yet not of the finest quality. Lecter in a confine, serial executioner free to move around at will, investigator counseling. A miscast Ed Norton stars as Will Graham, working on this issue of a serial executioner known as The Tooth Fairy. You know the story – we’ve seen it three times now.

For this situation, chief Brett Ratner gets himself not able to catch the lightning-in-a-container feel of The Silence of the Lambs, this prequel basically making a cursory effort for no good reason. Everybody looks as drained as they do old  and poor Hopkins is shocking as Lecter, his screen time appropriately amped up to provide food for group of onlookers request. Were it the main adjustment of the story, Red Dragon would be sufficiently serviceable. Sadly, it isn’t, and it isn’t.


Dracula Untold


Vlad Dracula. Fascinating person, isn’t that so? Indeed, even before he turned into an eternal vampire and the first repulsiveness symbol, Vlad Tepes was an unnerving prospect, nailing caps to heads and skewering so a large portion of his adversaries that he truly got to be known as Vlad the Impaler. Indeed, even without the bloodsucking, a pre Dracula story is ready for ghastliness pickings.

But in Dracula Untold, where it isn’t. Taking its motivation from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the film, not Bram Stoker’s real Dracula) as a Gothic sentiment, it repositions Vlad as a sad legend, swinging vampire to spare his kin… from Dominic Cooper. A straightforward endeavor to kick off a Universal Monsters universe, it’s entirely, lifeless garbage, flooded with a plenitude of CGI and exhausting characters, building up Luke Evans as one of the two most exhausting Draculas in screen history.

For this situation, it would have been exceptional left untold.

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